Trio 70-73

2 a train tunnel
3 rode the bus to a sports studium
4 afected the economy
5 a constration project
6  opened an international airport
7 saves energy
2 international university student
3 affected the airport
4 the energy business
5 took public transportation
iproved public parks
2 drunk
3 ate
4 felt
5 forgot
6 knew
7 said
8 sat
9 spent
10 rode
11 brought
2 made changes which to reduce any tax.
3 The city built appartments and city's clerk live in
4 People took pictures in front of river
5 became popular soon
6 Tourist spent money when they go to sightseeing

Trio 64-69

1 Joe introduces about her childhood.
2 I learned the importance of to enjoy new environment from her topic.
2 They played in our neighbors room.
3 That one was very huge.
4 I smelled many foods.

1 I lived in Uto.
2 We had many playing place.
3 I walked to the next town.
4 To save the money.
5 Strange religion people.
I had two very good friend.
I used to playy them when we were child.

My child hood was a not central of city but there were many fan.
I had two very good friends. They are girls. We played with every day. I was a bad boy so I challenged anything. For example, jump over the river, tried to go next town.


Trio 60-63

 I lived ina busy neighborhood, but I liked it. I enjoyed city life. I greeted my friends. We gathered on street corners and shared local news. We talked together ad hurried across busy streets. We shopped and talked avout the weather. Sometimes we talked to a local park and joined other children from the neighborhood.
My parents shopped at the corner store on our street.
My brother and sisters hurried to school in the morning.
The neighbors walked to local shop igames on the bridge.
My friends and I hurried to school in the morning.
2 to watch a soccer game.
3 playing with their grandson
4 My neighbors respected Qween.
5 Our neighborhood had a radio which is almost broken.
6 Old people gathered in benches in of the park.
2  there were
3  there was
4  there were
5  there was
6  there was no
a There were many trees
b There was no bench.
c There were a lot of snow.
d There was a flesh air.
2 There were noise.

Trio P 58,59

2 a strong community
3 a healthy life
4 joined a noisy group
5 meeting in the local park
6 downsairs neighbors
7 a wide side walk
8 a bridge across the river
9 at a shop on the corner

2 visited friends downtown
3 hurried across the busy street
4 meeting a local store
5 a happy child hood
a storong friendship

1 neighborhood streets
2 community family
3 games friends
4 people dinner
5 river sidewalk
6 shop park


Movie review 2

 The pride and prejudice- are not good things of human. Pride and Prejudice is a long novel written by Jane Austen in 1813. It is said to be a masterpiece.  It seemed like a romance novel, but the deep part is human emotion. This story has been made into a movie many times. I will touch this work a bit. I picked up the movie which made in 2005.
 The basic scene is in Lombourne. There is a Bennett family of middle class. There are 5 daughters. They should marry with upper class or wealthy man because if the father died, the house and land has to hand over for cousins. So mother is hurry looking for a son-in-law. The most intelligent daughter, Elizabeth is very clever girl. The actor is Keira Knightley. She said in interview, ''It is difficult to act clever lady. I have to keep my face to emphasy my face.
 One day, single and young asset's Bingley borrowed a cottage and came to Lombourne with his friend Darcy. He isn’t friendly and cheerful. So Bennett’s second daughter, Elizabeth misinterpret he is proud guy. Elizabeth is  very smart woman so she was prejudiced for Darcy. That is a very interesting scene.
 My favorite scene is in Darcy's house. Usually he didnt make a smile but talking with Elizabeth, he can smile. In a movie, they aren't made a smile so much. So I like this scene.
  The story has a happy ending. Darcy and Elizabeth notice what they were deciding. The important thing in this story is “class”. Middle class people is no difference to upper class people but marriage and ceremony the disparity of the status becomes important. Now, we can marry with anyone without caring about their family status. This story represents and puts the social situation of the time on the concept of romance.  I recommend this movie and book. This movie should watch at once of your life. Maybe your thinking will change

Movie review 1

 I’m going to tell you about Armageddon.  I think this movie is one of the famous movies in the world. I first watched this movie when I was a junior high school student. I remember being touched and I like this movie. I looked back over this movie over and over.

This movie was released in 1998 and the director is Michael Bay. This movie was seen by many people and got some awards. Of course I like this movie but I like a theme song of this movie too. The theme song is Miss a thing by Aerosmith. 

This movie is Science Fiction story. One day, a lot of small meteorites fell to the United States and they found the large meteorites will hit the earth and only 18 days left. The main story is about the men who try to save the earth. They fly to space and do some missions bravely. They had to select to save their life or earth. It is very dangerous.

The end of this movie is very sad. A man decided to remain on the meteorite because he must push the button of the nuke bomb. His name is Harry. He is a hero and main character. My favorite scene is Harry called to his daughter. If you watch this movie, you should prepare a handkerchief. 

If I say this movie in a word, I think it is love. Father and daughter’s family love. If we face the same situation, can we do like Harry? My favorite words of this movie is “ You go take care of my little girl now. That's your job.” This is Harry’s farewell to A.J.(Harry’s daughter’s boyfriend). I was weird in this scene many times. I recommend you to watch this movie and to hear this movie’s theme song.

BR 2-10 Newspaper Boy

It was dark and snowing (p.5)

 This book is that Toby who works as newspaper delivery solve one problem with getting some hints from newspaper. 
  It take place in Mr. Spry’s house. He delivers newspaaper early morning. He visits Mr. Spry’s house. But suddenly, a big man gets out of here and he holds his hand. He is theif. He steal money and run away. Then Toby looks newspaper and says “there are a lot of police on this street because of accident.” So they decide to pass factory. But truly, newspaper says “New alarm system for factory.” They are arrested because of his idea. 

 John,Escott(1979) Newspaper Boy:Macmillan Readers

BR 2-08 The Happy Prince

Thank you, little swallow (p.4)

  The statue of Happy Prince is covered all over with gold and he has two bright jewels. But he feels sad because some people in the city are poor. One autumn day, a swallow comes the city in the middle of trip to meet his friend in Egypt. Happy Prince can't help these poor people because he can't move, but swallow can. He does as prince says against his will. Swallow gradually likes prince and he says, "I'm not going to Egypt, I want to die near you.'' And he dies near by as his prince.
  This story remake in Japan. So I have read before. This story is really good.

 Oscar,Wilde(2009) The Happy Prince:Compass Classic reader

BR 2-07 The University of Melbourne

There was only one way to rock today-our way (p.5)

 This book is written about a band competition. Molly and Jasmine are member of Street Small. They are waiting to perfprm their song. And then, Mark who is a member of Wild Ride walk in front of them and says " We are going to win." His performance is over. suddenly, there was a loud bang and the power turned off before they perform. It's an accident, but Molly thinks we have an oppotunity. They get it over for doing that nobody can expect.

Pete,Willett(2007)The University of Melbourne:The University of Melbourne

BR 2-06 The Omega Files

Some strange things happen in the world(p.2)

 The story is about the European Department of Intelligence-EDI, the secrets government.  there are two people who work in the government, Hawker and Jude. They are always given many hard and secret job. That name is The Omega Files. The story is three of them. The three mission are especially difficult for everyone including them. They work in England, Scotland and Ecuador. Especially I like Ecuador story. It was so exiting for me and they are so cool.

 Jennifer, Bassett(2008) Oxford University Press:The Omega Files

BR 2-05 Give us the money

I don't want to be James Bond (p.9)

 This is a very funy story because hero is very useless, but he helps a dangerous situation.
 He is a bank man. His life is boring because every day is the same. However, one monday, he encounters a woman snatched, but it is filming a movie. Of course, he doesn't know that. And then, he collids with a bank robber and picks the bag up by mistake. So he will get caught up in a spectacular incident.
Personally interesting is that actress is more brave and smart than the hero. The actress is more hero that hero.

Maeve,Clarke(2001)Oxford Bookworms Strters:Give us the money

Trio 70-73

70 A 2 a train tunnel 3 rode the bus to a sports studium 4 afected the economy 5 a constration project 6  opened an international airp...