BR 2‐09 Robin Hood

But I'm afraid for you.(p.21)

  Richard Is the first king of England. He is good parson and the people like him, but he goes away. Therefore, his brother Prince John does his work. He wants to get more taxes from the people. And he wants to kill Robin because Robin has a big house and John thinks Robin is a traitor.
   John fires Robin's house, and his girlfriend Marian is in danger. He is angry, so he fights with enemy for poor people. Finally, he wins and gets married with Marian.
   I think Robin is kind and brave person, so he is loved by people.

John,Escott(2001) Oxford Bookworms Starters:Robin Hood

BR 2-01 The North Fence

It's dangerous out there. (p.3)

 This story is about a farmer who lives in Saskatchewan. He had a big farm.The north of the ranch faces the forest so he had to reinforce the fence at regular intervals. One day, he found the bear over the north fence. He had many choice. The reader must select right choice.

 The end of story is not very happy. The bear or famer is die. At first glance it seems like a simple story and it is actually a deep story.

Theresa, Kannenberg(2015) Atama-ii-books-The North Fence

Trio writing test ex

 My favorite place I’ve been is a park in the coast in my hometown. The view is very beautiful. Many people come to take a picture of sunset. This park is famous for “The road on the sea” in Japan. At the time of low tide, the road emerges. This road is used by
fishery related person. My hometown is flourishing by fishery. So they used that road to park their cars and catch some shells.
  In 2016, we experienced a big earthquake. We were evacuated to higher ground for fear that a big tsunami is coming. I never forget many cars tried to climb mountain and congested.  The park got some serious damage. The road was crack and many shells were swept away.  We stood up to rebuild our park. Many volunteers come to the park. I joined it too. 3 month later, all construction was finished. I was really happy.
  I often go this park to see the view of sunset when I am heartache. This view is really beautiful and it is healing me. Especially the sunset is amazing. I want this park to become more famous and want more people to come to see that view.

Trio writing test 15

My favorite tobacco is Seven Stars. We call it “Setta”. It is sold by JT and one of the most popular tobacco in Japan. It contains 14 milligrams of tar and 1.2 milligrams of nicotine. It is strong tobacco in Japan. Smoking is not good for health but I can’t stop it. But I did not feel like smoking cigarettes because my parents are very heavy smoker.
  When I was a first grader I started smoking cigarettes. I was a soccer player so I took care of my health and I was not interested in Tobacco. I thought that it is very bad things for one’s life. One day, I went drinking with my friends. One of my friends smoked it. At first, I didn’t think I want to smoke. I was beginning drunk and I want to smoke at once. I ordered to my friend to give me a tobacco.
   Now, I can’t stop tobacco. People say, “Tobacco is one of the drugs like cannabis.” But I don’t think so. The drugs are really bad because it may die. Almost of all smoker is smoking because they like it. The smoking cigarettes is not good for another people. So I think that to observe the rules and smoke a cigarette is a most important.

Movie review 3

I will tell you about the Harry Potter Series. These movies are most famous in the world. These movies were made by Warner Brothers. The performance income is 77 billion dollars. It is third most numerous in the world. There are 8 movies of the these series. I like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I will tell you some interesting points.
      Harry can use very good magic. He is called a genius. One day, a festival gathered by three generations of magical school's was held in Hogwarts. Hogwarts representative Cedric was chosen. He was a handsome man. Harry didn’t participate but someone entered for Harry. But he wasn’t bearish because he was tired everyone expect for him. Dr. Moody was noticed Harry’s feeling and care him and encouraged. With the cooperation of Ron and Hermione, Harry had a good result. The Final test was to find trophy in the large maze. 4 players were getting angry because the maze’s material was an irritating effect on the material.
      Harry and Cedric found the trophy finally. They tried to grab together. But the trophy was fake and they moved in a flash in an eerie meadow. They shocked soon. Lord Voldemort was about to resurrect. Voldemort was a demon king in magic world. His power was so strong but his power was sealed by Harry’s father. They were related to each other. Voldemort killed Cedric in a flash. Harry got angry and tried to attack but Voldemort was very strong. Harry was losed. This scene is most exciting and serious. I was throbbing in front of TV.  After that, Harry decided to stand up to Voldemort.
       Harry Potter series are popular of any ages.  There are eight movies. Each movies are  very exciting and a lot of fun. I recommened to watch.

Trio 88-91

1. She grow up in a tropical climate.
2. Because she had never experienced snow.
3. snow
4. I grow up in a tropical climate.
5. My brother met us at the airport.
6. About rain experience.
7. She learned that snow did not make a noise like rain and she was surprised at the soft snow.
Topic sentence: c
1. Hongkong

2. Saipan

3. Kyoto

4. Okinawa

5. Korea

6. Tokyo

I had many interesting experiences, but on experience surprised me. t is that people in that country eat insects. My friends and I ate it. It's a very strange taste, I do not want to eat it any more. I was very surprised at the food culture of the country.

Trio 111-113

Mona will go to college. She earns a degree in fashion design. She gets a job with a famous designer. She leans about the business. She saves money. She starts her own company.


1 I hope to get a degree in business. Then I can open a restaurant.

2 I want to make a lot of money. Then I can walk to work.

3 I hope to become a doctor. Then I can help people with medical problems

4 I want to be a fashion designer. Then I can make beautiful clothes.

5 I expect to live in an apartment in the city. Then I can buy a big house.

6 I will get a job in a school. Then I can help children learn.

1 A salesperson can help customers and sell products.
2 A doctor can help people and solve medical problems.
3 A scientist can design software and solve difficult problem.
4 A engineer can design tunnels and build bridges.
5 A teacher can explain problems and give directions.
6 A businessperson can sell clothes and talk to customers.

Trio 108-109


1 Our job is a job in science.

2 They got a successful career with a sport team.

3 She become a businessperson.
4 They get a college education.
5 He make a decision.
6 She got a medical degree.
7 She solve a problem.
8 His job is a traffic engineer.


1 Face an engineering challenge

2 An opportunity to design clothes

3 A quick solution.

4 A creative design

5 Achieve a goal.

6 Provide a medical solution.

Trio 99-101


2 My mother used to clean my room, but now she just closes the door.

3 Today, I prefer to drive, but I used to take the train.

4 My daughter used to share her secrets with me, but now she tells them to her friends.

5 Teenagers used to learn from books, but now they prefer to use technology.

6 She used to be shy, but now she has an active social life.


1 In the past, I used to be more adventurous.

2 In the past, I used to do more chores.

3 In the past, my friends used to go fishing.

4 In the past, we used to have more free time.

5 In the past, teenagers used to go to bed early.


1 I am busy, so I have less time to read. I want to more my free time.

2 My city is growing, so there are more buildings. I got harder to live there.

3 21st century teenagers like to text, so they spend more time on their phones. I think it has a bad influence on the body

4 I lived on busy street, so there was more danger. I want to move different place.

5 Many people ride bicycles in my neighborhood, so it has less traffic. I think the bicycle is very good for the environment.

6 Our village was small, there was less variety. But people are satisfied with their current life.

Trio 96-97

1 He hangs out online.

2 I explore imaginary words with friends

3 He does not concentrate on his chores.

4 I communicate by text.

5 They rode motorcycles.

6 My parents went fishing in our free time.

7 We share secrets.

1 I prefer to ride motorcycles.

2 We spend time fishing

3 I do various chores

4 There is a 21st century farm

5 I live in an old village

6 I like an imaginary tree


2 go fishing, outside go

3 secrets share, share secrets

4 teenagers 21st century, young teenagers

5 life social, skills life

6 small world, skills world

7 time have, free time

BR 2‐09 Robin Hood

But I'm afraid for you.(p.21)   Richard Is the first king of England. He is good parson and the people like him, but he goes away. The...